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About Us

Dan’s Appliance Repair is the #1 rated repair company in Mooresville, NC. All of our techs have years of experience and familiarity with all major brands and appliances.

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Dan’s Appliance Repair


Our Appliance Repair Services

Are your washer and dryer not the dynamic duo that they used to be? Has the ice maker started leaking unexpectedly? If you live in the Mooresville, NC area, then call Dan’s Appliance Repair. Your appliances will be in top working order from now on and you won’t feel it in your wallet. We’ve worked tirelessly to build our reputation in the Mooresville area so that we can proudly call ourselves the top appliance repair company.

Now how have we done that? Well, it’s really quite simple.


  1. Our team is full of qualified and highly experienced individuals.
  2. We can repair almost any major home appliance
  3. Our service is fast, friendly and efficient
  4. We provide our clients with top quality service at fair prices
  5. We stand behind our work, 100%
  6. We never skirt over or compromise on quality


What we Do


We repair the following appliances:


  1. Refrigerators
  2. Freezers
  3. Dishwashers
  4. Ovens
  5. Washing machines
  6. Ice Makers


We have built, over the years, a team of knowledgeable and highly trained specialists who know the business inside and out. No matter how complex or irreparable the problem may seem, we assure you that we have the right people for the job.


Our Process


Our technician will come to you and give your appliance a thorough assessment. Once the problem has been pinpointed, you will be advised on your options. You will then be given a fair and honest price for the repairs to be paid upon completion of the job.

We want to emphasize that you will not find your bill padded with unnecessary fees or secret fees. We rely solely on the quality of our work to assure that business keeps coming in.

We will let you know in an honest manner if the appliance is beyond repairs or if there is no inexpensive way to repair it. We will operate from the angle of what is best for you.

We will also advise you on preventative measures to keep your appliances running longer.




Our reputation exists because we always provide the best advice and top quality service at a fair rate. We know that you will refer us to your friends and family if we do a good job. Word of mouth is the best way of spreading the word, after all.


So what are you waiting for, North Carolina? Call us today to book an appointment and let us help you with your repairs.

We Repair All Appliances