Freezer Repair

The frustration at a malfunctioning freezer may be so potent that you’re tempted to just run out and buy a new one. Why don’t you take advantage of a freezer repair instead and save your money?

At Dan’s Appliance Repair, we are committed to getting your freezer up and running in no time. An extensive repair will ensure that your appliance runs smoothly for many more years to come. There is not a brand on the market that our technicians haven’t seen.


Signs For Needing Freezer Repair


Too Cold


A freezer needs to be cold enough that your items are kept frozen. However, if the temperature is too cold, then it leads to increased ice accumulation or frost. If the freezer is icy, but the fridge is warm, a faulty defrost heater could be the problem.

Our technicians can test the defrost system to pinpoint exactly which part needs servicing. A defective damper control assembly or a faulty evaporator fan motor may also lead to extreme cold.


Not Cold Enough


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recommends that a freezer’s temperature not drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that leaves your items susceptible to bacterial growth, which can lead to foodborne diseases.

Before calling anyone, check the settings to see if anything has been moved. Some freezers come with a built-in thermometer and, if you don’t have one, look into buying one. If nothing seems out of the ordinary here, then give us a call. Our team can give you a proper diagnosis.




Naturally, there is some freezer build up. However, if the amount is excessive, then something may be wrong. It could be a ripped gasket a frozen freezer drain tube or even a door that has been left open too long/often.

If warm air can get into the appliance, then frost will accumulate. If the drain tube is compromised through freezing, then the moisture won’t be able to escape, leading to frost build-up.


Won’t Turn On


Before calling anyone, check to ensure that the appliance is receiving enough electrical power. Make sure that your freezer is plugged in properly and that electricity is flowing properly.

If the problem lies in the power outlet, then call an electrician. If there is no issue with the power outlet, but the freezer still doesn’t turn on, then an internal component is compromised. This could range from the electronic board to the cold control thermostat or the compressor.

A professional repair service such as Dan’s Appliance Repair can properly diagnose the issue.


Call Dan’s Appliance Repair


Even with the most minute care and maintenance, freezers can still break down. Give us a call and one of our friendly technicians will be happy to guide you in the right direction. We will have your freezer up and running, no fuss and unnecessary costs. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience that will leave you satisfied.