Oven Repair

Without an oven, heating food and baking would be quite the challenge. We rarely realize how important our oven is until it breaks down. If this should happen, no need for panic. You can call Dan’s Appliance Repair of Mooresville and enjoy servicing and repairs that same day! Our mission is to service your oven and/or cooktop to get it back into working order. Our technicians are highly skilled and know-how to fix your appliance that very day.


Signs to Look Out For


Incorrect Temperature


While preheating, your oven should maintain the temperature you chose. A different temperature is indicative that you need to recalibrate it per the instructions in the owner’s manual. Give us a call if that doesn’t solve anything.


Won’t Turn On


This could be traced back to a damaged wire, defective controls, or not enough power to reach the oven. If you have a gas oven, in particular, this could be due to a faulty gas control or valve. Only allow a trained professional to repair these issues. The risk of electrical shock is quite high if left to an amateur.


Oven Light Not Working


Replacing the bulb would be the first step. You could also be dealing with a malfunctioning light switch, joining wire or electronic control. Our team will make an initial diagnosis for you so that you don’t run the risk of hurting yourself or your family.


Appliance Door Not Opening or Closing


This could be due to a hinge that needs replacing. This involves some dismantling and pulling out one of the panels on the side. Only a qualified technician should attempt this.


Not Self-Cleaning


This could be due to a worn door control. The clean cycle won’t begin if something is not completely closed. Other contributing factors could be anything from a faulty temperature to the power line. Our technicians have years of experience in oven repairs and can take a closer look in order to pinpoint the exact issue.




A hole on the edge of the oven is out of the ordinary and most likely due to rust from moisture. Since repairs tend to lean towards the expensive side, it may be easier to replace the whole oven. Whatever you choose to do, our experts will guide you through the proper procedure.


Why Choose Dan’s Appliance Repair?


If you give us a call, we can guarantee the following:


  1. 100% satisfaction with our service and repairs
  2. No secret fees or sneaky charges
  3. Fast repairs of the highest caliber
  4. Accredited technicians with years of experience
  5. Fair and equitable rates

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us and our customer service representatives can help you get started.