Washer / Dryer Repair

Washers and dryers are dynamic duos that ensure that your clothes stay clean and dry. When they break down, this leads to a lot of unnecessary worry about what you’re going to wear to work or the party tomorrow evening. Ignoring the problem won’t solve anything and will only make things worst. Instead, call Dan’s Appliance Repair and our team of highly trained technicians will gladly assist you.

They can perform anything from standard maintenance to replacing faulty and worn parts. All brands and models of washers and dryers are serviceable and welcome


Common Issues


Machine Pauses Mid-Cycle


This is usually the result of a defective thermostat, heater or timer. If the timer is at fault, then you can temporarily maneuver around the issue by manually adjusting the dial. Beyond that, a professional will have to intervene.


Dryer Not Spinning


This could be due to a worn dryer belt, as well as a faulty switch or defective motor. If the motor or switch is the root of the problem, then give a professional a call as soon as possible.


Dryer Not Heating


First, check to see that no one has accidentally tampered with the settings. It is important to note that some dryer models only release air, but never actually heat. If everything is in order, but the appliance still won’t heat, then the ignition may need servicing. This is one of the hardest parts of the machine to access without proper tools. It is best left to a professional.


Machine Won’t Drain


Poor drainage in a washing machine can be traced to a clogged filter or a malfunctioning pump. If the machine still won’t drain after you’ve cleaned it yourself, then call a technician. They can give you the proper tools and advice to move forward with the repairs.


Noisy Machine


A rattling noise is out of the ordinary and could mean that something is caught in the machine’s drum. It could also be the sign of faulty or worn bearings. First, check to see if the drain filter is clear and that there are no miscellaneous objects caught in the machine. Then perform this simple test. Turn the drum manually while the machine is empty. If you still hear the rattling, then the bearings need replacing.


Drum Won’t Turn


This could be traced back to worn brushes, a defective motor or control units, or issues with the drive belt. Call in a trained professional who will be able to give a proper diagnosis.


Call Dan’s Appliance Repair of Mooresville, NC


Troubleshooting issues on your own may not yield many results. Give us a call right away. We’ve been servicing every type of washer and dryer on the market for almost twenty years. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality service with lasting results and at a great price.